New Eager Zebra game–Knockout Trivia–is HERE!

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ZachSaysWelcomeKOTThe latest creation from the Eager Zebra game laboratory, KNOCKOUT TRIVIA, has arrived (first match scheduled for 10 AM CT today, Monday, July 7th).

In Knockout Trivia, your objective is to outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.  For each question, you’re provided with four answers to choose from.  Choose the right answer and you’ll move on to the next round…or get knocked out with a wrong one. Be the last player standing to win 80% of the Zackpot (20% goes to the runner-up or is shared if multiple runner-ups) and a Knockout Trivia badge like this:


We have Knockout Trivia matches scheduled to start around the clock every day, so you can play practically whenever you want to!

IMPORTANT!  Before you start playing, make sure to first read our Knockout Trivia TIPS article HERE.


  • Fun and educational!
  • Multiple games every hour–play…

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