Win a Flipkart e-voucher, or two!

hy its good

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Hello Members,

You will notice that we have just added a new Giftie to the Rewards Centre: Flipkart e-vouchers worth 200 INR. For the first 15 members who reveal this Giftie to be REAL, you will not only receive the 200 INR voucher, we will double your winnings. That means you could win 2 x 200 INR Flipkart vouchers!

Participating in this special offer is simple:

1. Login to Toluna and redeem this Giftie from the Rewards Centre:


2. After you purchase the Giftie, don’t forget to click the REVEAL button to reveal whether or not your Giftie becomes REAL.


3. If you get a message saying that your Giftie is REAL, congratulations you have won the e-voucher! Better still, if you are among the first 15 members to get this message, you will get an additional 200 INR voucher.


Try out your luck today –…

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